Obnoxiously upbeat (happytim) wrote in turquoise_box,
Obnoxiously upbeat

Yesterday's news

This one is funny

Happytim and Fluorescence13
  • Likely to conceive an expensive girl.
  • Pretend to watch television together as it mightn't lead to pregnancy
  • Can both cerebrate.
  • Shall always be friends.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

The truth about Stephen and I

Happytim and Acetylcholine
  • Doing their best to have one gruesome child.
  • Can't stand to skinnydip periodically.
  • Heart each other.

Strangely possible

Happytim and Aikopaiko
  • Are rumoured to have adopted no e-children.
  • Enjoy it when they listen to music together for the good of the free world.
  • Should invest now in crowd-controlling equipment.

Only the last line is funny

Happytim and Fejacobsen
  • Plan to adopt no pre-paid children.
  • Enjoy it when they do just anything occasionally.
  • Are now available on Disney DVD.

Hehe... puddle

Happytim and _thepuppy_
  • Secretly conceived 2.4 demanding kids.
  • Resent having to hold hands amicably.
  • Share a deep puddle of secrets.

Happytim and Music2mychakras
  • Doing their best to adopt all magical children.
  • Intend to share their hearts occasionally.
  • Feel wanted in every country.
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